“We Believe, Good Thing need not be expensive”

Maroger : Aberdeen, Scotland
"I was delighted with your products when I stayed in Singapore early in the year...

Zhou Fan : Chin
"I am your client, i bought some gel for my hair and body, also bought some lotion for my body and hand when i was in Malaysia. I came back China last month and think i won't go to Malay in a short future. but i still like your product, i still want to buy some product from you ,even give to my friends and family, if every one like it, i won't stop buying."

S.Johycirani : Yorkshire, England
"I am Johci working in Yorkshire-England. I have been using ur product of shampoo "perfume Generic - Conditionar" for the past 3 years."

Christine Schulze : Germany
"I am a consumer of your Skineeds Acne Moderator Products and i am very pleased with them"

Sanjeev Narang : Panchkula, India
"I have used your perfumes and i like BVLGARI perfume. which i purchased from malaysia

Eileen Clark : Scotland
"I bought this product at KL International airport, and want to have a further supply. It is very good, and I have contacts here at home in Scotland who are interested also.

Abdul Razak : Chinatown, Singapore
"My wife bought a few perfume bottles by this company and was impressed by the price and the fragrance"

Khairon Nizam Zainal : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"I've been using your product quite sometime 5 years, because it was unique and your deliverance of product promises mostly true. My case would be the hand wash (in which most of it i bought from Jaya Jusco store), it smells good and the price unbeliveably cheap compared to those from the big boys P&G,Unza etc.Its amazing.

Azila : Malaysia
"I'm the one who used your product perfume generic like lotion, shower bath, shampoo and perfume since 2003. I also introduced to my friend about your product.

Muhammad Huzairy Hassan :Malaysia
"I've been using skineeds products... before this my face was like cheese.. after using your products. It all cleared away. .. thanks.."

Joey Tan : Selangor ,Malaysia
"My family member every month will buy our Healthy Scalp Shampoo because it’s really work. I was using Age Defense Facial Scrub and Breath Spray since many years ago. "

Angel Jesmin Tan : Singapore
“I am a consumer who bought the tea tree oil range care. I buy it for my mum who has skin problem and needs it as she has been using the liquid soap.

Wen Zhan : Singapore
“Hi! I got your website through one of the products bought in Giant. Do you have a shop located in JB where I can walk in and buy what I want?”

Corinne : Johor Bahru, Malaysia
“I look forward to receiving the list of outlets that I can purchase the Skinneeds products in Johor Bahru.”

Hon : Selangor, Malaysia
“My father friends got hair fall problem. I buy free one set for him and teach him how to use it. After tried 1 bottle, he found that this product is good and now he keep on using but sure not free anymore. Pure peppermint mouth rinse, if you feel you having mild sore throat problem, use themouth rinse, you will feel better after used, this is what my parents told me. Aromakids, my supplier like to use Aromakids and she found that her skin become moisture after use. She is happy and recommend for other colleague to try. My friend do not have cracker foot problem after used the KMF-Dry cracker sole & heel cream for 1 month. This product also contains Portulacca extract & Saccharide Isomerate which is same which the product recently advertise at the TV. ”

Grace : Sabah, Malaysia
“I've been using your products for long time. Where can i get the product of your company here in Sabah?.”

Marilyn : Singapore
'I have been using your products for quite some time are there any stores in either that i can buy from if so could you provide me with those details"

Afzal Kamarudin : Thailand
"I'm Afzal, from Malaysia. I'm now staying in Thailand. I used to buy your product few years ago and i'm kind of satisfied. I would like to try to sell your products into Thailand."

Khew Yuen Mee : Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
"Besides, my father have been used the thick hair shampoo for 2- 3 years and he even recommended to my relative uncles and his friends. One of his friend asked me to buy for him 24 bottles in one time just because he could not find our shampoo in his hometown. My family like the Episode New York Bath creme and shampoo specially the cooling sensation. My mother and sister like the ours Skineeds facial cleansing cream personally. They claimed ours facial foam would not give "too dry" and "too tight" after face wash compare the previous facial foam (Biore and Bio-essence Tanaka White) which they used before.My tuition students (7 & 9 year-old) like our strawberry shortcake bath gel, shampoo and body spray very much. The 2 little girls claimed that the strawberry smell on body make their classmates jealous."